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Bučina DDD, spol. s r.o. (Ltd.) came to life on April 2, 2003, as a subsidiary of BUČINA ZVOLEN, a. s. (joint-stock company). It follows the wood production tradition in Zvolen, where Bučina a.s. was established in 1946 on the current company premises.


In 2003, the company became a part of the international Kronospan group, one of the biggest and most significant producers of large-scale agglomerated wood-based products in Europe. Currently, Bučina DDD is the biggest chipboard producer in Slovakia.


Entrance of the foreign investor has launched several investments, which transformed the plant in Zvolen into one of the most modern chipboard producing facilities in Europe. Since 2003, the company invested over EUR 150 mil. (SKK 5 billion) into the modernization of production, production halls reconstruction, building of new distribution networks, roads and biological water treatment facility. Reconstruction of the administrative building resulted in the establishment of a modern training centre for the entire Kronospan group. The most recent planned investment is the installation of the UTWS technology, the most modern technology on the market, for driers. This investment is in the approximate value of EUR 50 mil.

The company’s product portfolio includes raw and laminated chipboards, massive glued boards, MDF boards, HDF boards, OSB boards, worktops and impregnated foils. Bučina DDD exports over 70% of its production mainly to European countries.


>The company guarantees customer satisfaction thanks to:


- the production of high-quality products produced with modern technologies,
- competitive prices resulting from high productivity,
- short supply deadlines,
- flexible approach to customers’ requests.


Currently, Bučina DDD employs 265 people, which represents increase by 80 jobs since 2003. Company’s contribution to the region’s economy is visible not only in jobs created and production process modernization, but also in the support of various educational and sport projects and in the cooperation with Technical University in Zvolen and the city of Zvolen.


Bučina DDD, spol. s r.o. (Ltd.) is the biggest producer of raw chipboards, laminated chipboards and glued wood in Slovakia.

Thanks to several decades of wood production in the city of Zvolen and merging with a strong partner, we are gaining the potential that gives us a competitive edge:


- long-term experience of our staff and a know – how of the international Kronospan group;
- scientific and personnel base provided by the Technical University in Zvolen;
- advantageous geographical location of Zvolen in the centre of Europe.


In our facilities, we pay special attention to ecologically sound production and operational processes friendly towards the environment.
We focus on production process innovations with the aim to offer high quality products to our customers. Our usage of state-of-the-art software and logistics solutions enable us to increase our flexibility and, thus, we are able to promptly react to market demands and developments in wood-processing industry.

Wood Mass Purchasing

Our company sees ecological thinking as one of our priorities. Utilization of wood residue is a part of our production process. In terms of purchasing, our company is interested in following materials: sawdust, chips, cuttings, wood fiber and scantlings for the production of glued wood panels. These materials must be suitable for processing and must meet the parameters defined in General Terms of Delivery. To our suppliers, we offer long-term and stable cooperation based on mutual trust and strengthened by high-quality services. Delivery Terms and Conditions can be downloaded from the following section.


» Year 1946: Development of industry and after-war economy

28 January 1946 – establishment of Bučina, a.s. (joint-stock company)
9 May 1946 – commencement of the plant construction


» Years 1947 – 1990: Development of the production and technical development of the company

May 1947
first place in band saw timber sawing in the Czechoslovak Republic
start of chipboard production in the volume of 15 thous. m3/year
first production in the world from the point of view of the processing of hard broad- leaf wood species, mainly the beech
1950’s – 1980’s
fire, which destroyed almost entire chipboard production line (1953)
gradual building and completion of new facilities and winning the major influence in several commodities on the Slovak market, as well as a share of foreign markets
1980’s – construction of the new chipboard production line

» Year 1995: Change of ownership

Transition from state to private ownership of the company


» Year 2003: Stabilizing and optimizing of processes within the company

2 April 2003 – establishment of Bučina DDD, spol. s r.o. (chipboard production incl. lamination and impregnation)
17 October 2003 – entering of the foreign investor and incorporation of Bučina DDD, spol. s r.o. into the international Kronospan group


» Year 2004: Beginning of the new investment process – stage I

Beginning of the investment project „Modernization of chips preparation, drying and selection processes“


» Year 2005: Completion and approval of the 1st stage of the investment process

Completion and approval of the investment project „Modernization of chips preparation, drying and selection processes“
Installation of the second impregnation line


» Year 2006: Extension of the production area, production activities and the beginning of stage II of the investment process

Acquisition of the entire production area, incl. administrative premises
Takeover of the glued wood production
First Open Day for public to mark the 60th anniversary of the Bučina company establishment in Zvolen


» Year 2007: Implementation of the 2nd stage of the investment process

Implementation of the investment project „Modernization of chipboard production“


» Year 2008: Completion and approval of the 2nd stage of the investment process

Chipboard production hall reconstruction
Installation of Contiplus continual press for chipboard production
Chipboard lamination hall and dispatching hall construction
Installation of 3 KT presses for chipboards lamination
Administrative building reconstruction
Overall reconstruction of chips preparation facility, infrastructure, energy distribution systems and sewage system
Biological water treatment facility construction
Installation and implementation of modern information systems: on–line storage system RELAG with 3D visualization, overhead scales system for weighing of trucks, system for the evidence of movement of persons
Second Open Day to mark the occasion of the completion of stage II. of the investment process
April 2008 – establishment of KronoVision, s.r.o. (Ltd.), the company, which provides internal audit services and activities, as well as training services for employees of the international Kronospan group.