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Shuttering boards have been developed especially for the construction business. They can be used widely within various shuttering systems as well as in simple shuttering. Shuttering boards offer an excellent price/performance ratio, which makes them a great economical alternative to the substantially more expensive shuttering plywood and other multiple-layer boards.
The base is a wood particleboard with an increased volumetric weight of type P5 with phenolic foil sheathing and paraffin emulsion edge protection, which makes the shuttering boards resistant to humidity and mechanical impacts also in demanding conditions and guarantees perfect smoothness of the surface in exposed areas also after multiple use.



- shuttering of ceiling constructions, walls, and columns
- exposed shuttering with a smooth structure
- load-bearing boards for technical facilities - bridges, load-bearing walls , etc.
- shuttering of ceiling constructions
- manufacturing of shuttering forms
- foundation shuttering, minor cast concrete works

- high quality packaging and transportation systems


Technical parameters

Standard dimensions: 2500 x 1250 mm
Formats made to order: 2500 x 2500 mm alebo 5000 x 2500 mm (minimum 3 trucks of approximately 105m3)
Thickness (mm): 18/21 mm


* The life of boards depends on how the boards are handled and maintained after repeated use (surface cleaning, application of separator on the surface, flushing of edges)



General requirements for shuttering boards according to STN EN 312

Properties Testing method Requirements
Dimensional tolerance – thickness EN 324-1 ± 0,3 mm
Dimensional tolerance – length and width EN 324-1 ± 5,0 mm
Tolerance - edge straightness EN 324-2 1,5 mm/m
Tolerance - rectangularity EN 324-2 2 mm/m
Humidity EN 322 5 % – 13 %
Density tolerance considering the density inside the board EN 323 ± 15 %
Formaldehyde content (perforator method) EN 120 class E1 max. 8mg/100 g


Technical requirements for shuttering boards according to STN EN 312

Properties Testing method Thickness (mm)
>13 - 20 >20 - 25
Bending strength EN 310 16 MPa 14 N/mm2
Bending elasticity module EN 310 2400MPa 2150 N/mm2
Internal bond EN 319 0,45 MPa 0,40 N/mm2
Thickness swelling - after 24 hours EN 317 10 % 10 %



- high dimensional accuracy and shape stability
- long life, possibility of multiple use
- resistance against humidity from wet batch
- simple handling
- easy treatment and fixing
- perfectly smooth and resistant surface
- ecological recyclable material
- easy maintenance and cleaning thanks to non-adhesive surface


Advantages of Shuttering Boards compared to classic shuttering plywood

- availability in big formats
- better dimensional accuracy and shape stability
- lower price