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Characteristics and use

Solid Wood Panels are single-layer panels made of best natural wood. As the finished panels are strong and keep their shape well, they are ideal for high quality furniture and interior decoration such as staircases, window sills or bearing constructions. Solid Wood Panels are made mainly of beech, oak, but ash and maple are also used. Lamellas made of these broad-leaved tree species are glued together along their whole width and length, forming large panels. Prior to manufacturing, the lamellas are dried to the same humidity as the finished product. The result is a product that looks great and has even gorgeous.



size and shape stability, elimination of wood defects, increased bearing capacity thanks, to higher strength, aesthetical look and fine sanded surface possibility of further processing purely natural product surface feels warm and is pleasant to the touch


Examples of use:

19 mm: furniture face, panels, elbow boards, staircase steps
27 mm: furniture corpuses, elbow boards, staircase steps, stepping layers of concrete staircases
40,45 mm: kitchen and other worktops, staircase steps, doors


Technical parameters

width: od 250 do 1250 mm width: 650 mm
length: from 1000 to 6000 mm length: from 900 to 2000 mm (á 100 mm)
standard thickness: 19, 27, 40, 45 mm (beech also 50, 55mm) thickenss: beech 40, 45 mm, oak 40 mm
lamella width: od 36 do 45 mm lamella width: beech from 83 to 100 mm, oak from 36  to 45 mm

Make: individual lamellas are jointed together by means of wedge joints

a) open joint, b) closed joint

Make: the lamellas are glued together in the length by glued longitudinal joint

a) open joint, b) closed joint


Wood types offer