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Study in Zvolen 2017/2018

THE SECONDARY SCHOOL OF WOODWORKING offers its students who are starting their studies in 3336 M Woodworking and Furniture field in the academic year 2017/2018 a chance for a high-quality education and practice as well as attainment scholarships and free accommodation and meals.

The school has a close cooperation established with Kronospan Foungation and Bučina DDD company in Zvolen, which have pledged to cover the costs of the 4-year study programme for 25 students. Moreover, they will prepare conditions allowing for the students to gain 

  • •    practical experience in the company’s operational facilities; and
  • •    language skills (English and German language / 3 lessons a week) in their Kronovision training centre.



For more information please see the Carrier Advisor at your elementary school.



50 € half-year financial contribution for good attainment, school attendance and behaviour criteria:

  • •    students shall achieve an average grade better or equalling 2.0 for an academic half-year in specialised subjects       (Engineering, Materials Science, Technology, Basics of Electrical Engineering and Automation, Technical Drawing,       Informatics, Technical Seminar, Construction Seminar, Specialised Practice) and selected general subject (Foreign       Language, Maths, Physics, Chemistry);
  • •    students shall not miss more than 50 lessons in an academic half-year (approx. 7 school days);
  • •    students’ behaviour shall be assessed as excellent (1).




Criteria for awarding the Accommodation and Meals Financial Contribution for students staying in the Secondary School of Woodworking in Zvolen dormitory (hereinafter referred to as “Dormitory”):

  • •    students’ permanent residence shall be 40 km or more far from the school;
  • •    accommodated students shall comply with the Dormitory Rules.





For 50 years, Zvolen District has been considered the centre of Slovak wood-processing industry. If you enjoy working with wood and your future plans include working with furniture and interior design, this is your place to start. We offer quality education, language skills, and a chance to get a job with the internationally established company or continue with your studies at the university with long-standing tradition in the field. 



•    Kronospan Foundation: http://kronospanfoundation.org/what-we-do/education/
•    Secondary School of Woodworking in Zvolen: http://sosdrev.edupage.org
•    Bučina DDD: www.bucina-ddd.sk