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Characteristics and use

An effective improved protection against the moisture is used thanks to the laminate HPL placed on the underside (profile L) with a sufficient closing. The working boards are hygienic, easily cleaned and maintained.
The highest quality and attractive design ensure a long-term satisfaction.


Advantages of surface finishes on worktops:

impact resistant, moisture and humidity resistant, resistant to pressure and scratching during normal use, resistant to common household cleaning products, lightfast, simple to maintain, pleasant to the touch


kitchen countertops and worktops, table tops and bar tops


Technical parameter

Format: 4100 x 600 mm (800, 900, 1200 mm on request)
Thickness: 28/38 mm

Decors: 30 decors


We also offer accessories (upstands, splashbacks, edging, ending cups) to accompany these worktops


- upstands

- splashbacks

- edging

- ending cups

- HPLlaminates


Property Testing method Requirement
Tolerance for thickness STN EN 324-1 ± 0,3 mm
Tolerance for dimensions STN EN 324-1 ± 5,0 mm
Moisture STN EN 322 4 % – 9 %
Formaldehyde content STN EN 120 < 8 mg / 100 g samples
Profile   C,  L,  E,  U,  profile
Thickness range    >28
Bending strength STN EN 310 (MPa) 10
Tensile strength STN EN 319 (MPa) 0,25
Swelling after 2 hour STN EN 317 max. 8 %




Length: 4100 mm
Packing: 20 pcs


Accessories to the upstands

- end cup right (100 pcs in the packing)
- end cup left (100 pcs in the packing)
- inner corner 90º (100 pcs in the packing)
- outer corner 90º (100 pcs in the packing)
- inner corner 135º (50 pcs in the packing)


The decors perfectly coordinate with worktops decors. A melamine edge identical with the working board decor is inserted into the multi-purpose upstand.


Edge width: 25,5 mm
Packing: 50 lm / box


Upstands Accessories to the upstands 
Upstands: (length 4100 mm packing: 50 lm box) end cap right (100 pcs in the packing)
Universal upstands: (length 4100 mm packing: 50 lm / box) end cap left (100 pcs in the packing)
Strips to the universal upstands: (width 25,5 mm; packing: 50 lm / box) inner corner 90º (100 pcs in the packing)
Applied edging strips – matt: (width: 34 mm; packing: 50 lm / coil) outer corner 90º (100 pcs in the packing)
Non applied edging strips – gloss: (width 34 mm; packing 20 lm / coil) inner corner 135º ( 50 pcs in the packing )



A surface-finished particleboard used for the lining of the wall behind the worktop.


Format: 4100 x 640 mm
Thickness: 10 mm
Packing: 10 pcs / palette


Execution: a laminate with matching decor and texture as the working board is applied on the front side of the particleboard; the back side is closed by a balancing foil.